Summerland adopts new Water Master Plan to guide water decisions in future

Master plan for water future

The District of Summerland has adopted a new Water Master Plan providing a framework for the water issues the community is expected to face in coming years.

"As a key resource document for the District of Summerland, staff will use this plan to guide water allocation, current water-management initiatives and water projects that will support community resilience and preparedness for the immediate future and in the longer term,” said Mayor Toni Boot.

The three main water sources for the District are groundwater, Trout Creek and Eneas Creek, while it also holds licences for Okanagan Lake for future use should the community need it.

Despite population growth, during the past 12 years Summerland's water usage has actually decreased from 12,250 ML per year to 8,930 ML. This is due to crop changes and adoption of efficient irrigation technologies and water conservation efforts.

The district's 12 reservoirs reliably fill with water each year but require ongoing maintenance, planning and upgrades to keep pace with changing Dam Safety regulations.

Strategies for the next decades are laid out for in the new Master Plan.

Okanagan Basin Water Board’s Executive Director Anna Warwick stated: “Municipal Water Planning is an integral part of managing our water resource; Summerland’s inclusion of Source Water Protection in their master planning is the right direction for this precious resource."

Read the entire Water Master Plan online here.

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