GoFundMe launched for young Penticton family homeless after fire destroys house

Escaped, but home razed

The neighbour of a Penticton family who lost their home and life's possessions in a blaze has organized a fundraiser to help out.

A sudden fire, whipped up by heavy winds, tore through rapidly through 460 Conklin Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

The house is a total loss, leaving a family with two young girls homeless. Neighbour Juliana Buitenhuis set up a GoFundMe to get the family through this time.

"They escaped with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. They have no insurance and lost their vehicle. They have housing for six days, but after that they have nowhere to live," Butenhuis explains.

"There are two young girls who lost everything they knew. If you have any other way to support please send me an email," [email protected]

Fire crews were able to stop the blaze from spreading to nearby homes.

Casey Richardson

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