Why subsidize EVs?

Re. E.V. charging stations and government funding

Two items recent got my attention:

1. A news story that said the government is now funding E.V. power charging stations up to 75%

2. A letter regarding the lack of a charging station at (the Kelowna) Costco.

I realize people want to (use) electric vehicles (EVs) to possibly help the environment, or more likely save money on purchasing gas but right now the federal and provincial governments are providing grants to allow people to buy EVs. That money is coming from government revenues we all put in and now we are going to fund the installation of the charging stations.

The gas stations most of us use are bought and paid for by the gas companies, whether that be Shell, Chevron, Esso, whatever.

I’m sure they get little, if any, government money for buying those properties, building the facility and operations. The gas companies make their return on investment from the profits on the sale of gas (and right now that is excessive, but that’s another issue). But it’s all to do with the sale of a product.

EV charging stations are similarly selling a product but, of course, it’s not something you can see or touch. So why do these retailers of electricity not have to fund their own outlets, the EV charging stations?

I can see, and understand, the donation of land (for EC charging station sites) by governments but why are we, Canadian and British Columbian taxpayers, forking over funds for a minority, who pay no gas tax, to fuel their vehicles?

I wonder where this is going when the vast majority of road users are paying exorbitant fuel costs.

Malcolm Roberts, Kelowna

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