Bystander calls cops on frustrated parent in Shuswap

Temper tantrum draws cops

A child’s temper tantrum over a bad fishing day prompted police involvement in the Shuswap.

Chase RCMP say they were called about an incident at a local lake on May 28 by a complainant who was worried about the wellbeing of a child.

The caller witnessed an adult yelling at the child, so the complainant recorded the license plate number from their vehicle and provided it to police.

RCMP say they contacted the owner of the vehicle and heard the other side of the story.

The adult explained the child was swinging around the fishing rod and when told to stop, threw the fishing rod into the water.

“This abruptly ended the fishing trip and the adult hollered at the child,” said Sgt. Barry Kennedy of the Chase RCMP, who explained that the parent reported a bystander helpfully yelled “way to traumatize your kid!”

“Then everyone left the lake,” said Kennedy. “No one was injured and no one had fun.”

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